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ok so we've been told by our development worker that we can use anti-bac gel/sanitiser or gel or whatever its called but I'm still a little apprenhensive over this. Does anyone else use this and if so where do they get theres from. I mean are they all safe or are there specific ones for children to use.

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hasn't there just recently been something about these gels being a waste of time?? I think the feeling is that they only work for the moment youput them on, then that's it? I know that they don't work against bugs such as Clostridium difficile, for instance?

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Guest Spiral

There is also concern about some being alcohol based. Not only bad for children, but for any adults who have concerns or cultural beliefs which involve alcohol.


I'm sure there must be something on the market that is child based and cheap - like the 'little ones' wet wipes which are anti bac, yet easy to use (I know they aren't great for the environment, but if you are stuck)?


Ah, a minefield!



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I also avoided these..


my concern apart from the allergy/ alcohol etc was the fact that by constantly using all these anti bac materials we are producing bugs which are becoming resistant to them..



so what then.. we end up with bugs which are harder to treat..


Occasional use OK but not regularly



Having had a son who had MRSA after surgery I often wonder if the use of inappropriate antibiotics has caused this bug to become so virulent and hard to treat...


Hence my concern of over use of anti bac gels etc..


In addition previous research I read said they were ineffective unless left on for 5 mins before washing off.. so all who spray and wipe it off are doing nothing except feeding the bugs..


sorry to be so anti, I know a lot of you use them but feel there are lots of reasons not to..



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Couldn't agree more about not using anti bac for a whole host of reasons

During our recent OFSTED inspection the inspector was delighted to see that we use good old soap and water.

We did use the gel but after reading a range of research we decided to revert to soap and water.

I can't now remember the details of what I read other than I found most of it to be negative!

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There is one you can buy from Boots, it's about £2.99 but I have seen it for cheaper in Somerfield. It's called 'No-Germs' and is alcohol, paraben and fragrance free. I have excema and regularly have cuts on my hands and it doesn't sting when applied. We've also used it in school for over a year from nursery to Year 6 and there hasn't been any reactions yet.


The spray is just used in the morning when children enter the school and then we encourage regular handwashing throughout the day.


If anyone would like me to post the active ingredients of the hand sanitiser then please ask. :o

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