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Descriptive Words To Promote My Setting


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I'm hitting a brick wall!


I know that none of your know my setting but I'm trying to put together a marketing flyer (I've given up on a motto) and trying to think up words that describe my setting e.g. fun, exciting, calming, friendly.


Can you clever people throw some words at me, perhaps some you would use to describe your settings?


To help you, we are based in a village hall, we use one room, we have lots of colourful furniture and we are a happy friendly bunch.


All words gratefully accepted.



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Happy, friendly, confident, I like 'our children are confident learners'.

Bright, welcoming, open

Relaxed, friendly (again), caring

Safe, secure, settled

Happy (again), fun, enjoyable



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I went on some training with Tim Gill last week (he of the research into risk, etc) who said that you should never describe your setting as 'safe' because he worries that you are giving some parents a false impression that you will always return their child to them unscratched, unbumped and unharmed. Thought I'd throw that into the mix - I was mighty smug when I realised that we don't have the 'safe' word in our slogan.


Ours is "where children come to learn through play in a relaxed, caring environment" although I can't claim any responsibility for that because I inherited it!


I'll need some more time to think though P3 because my brain is frazzled!



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