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Hi everyone, seems a long time since ive been on here and now Im back to ask for some information from you :)


Started the Foundation degree in September and it has taken over my life.....what I had left of it anyway.......as in the topic says I am doing a 20 mins presentation on safeguarding children and need to talk about barriers to identification.


My mind has gone blank.....any help please....many thanks

mrs b x

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Hi Mrs b


Didn't want to read and run because you've been without an answer all day. The problem is I'm not sure what you mean by barriers to identification so others may be in the same boat. If you can elaborate a little we might be able to help you.


Then again someone who knows what you mean may be along at any time too :o

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Barriers to identification could be things like


not wanting to get involved

not wanting to upset parents

not being aware of or recognising the signs and symptoms

not keeping appropriate records and therefore unable to see any emerging patterns

wanting to believe the best of someone e.g., believing explanations given by adults even when they don't ring 100% true


hope that's food for thought.


And yes it does take over your life somewhat ............................................... :o

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Thats a fantastic safeguarding power point. Thanks for sharing it. I'm just covering safeguarding at the moment, doing E115 with the OU. Although we dont do power points, just analyse documents!!!

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