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New Place For Sef In Pre-school Settings Discussions


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Dear all


We have noticed many conversations relating to the completion of the SEF paperwork and so thought we would provide a forum area to have those discussions in.


I will be doing a forum search and moving some of those threads into this forum area so that hopefully all your shared wisdom will be in one place.


Best wishes




Admin Team

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Fab idea! I am still to complete my SEF and having almost completed the old 'format' on line before submitting, it changed and

has left messages in places asking me to delete text as it has been 'moved' somewhere else. The problem is that I'm now totally disheartened as I can't seem to find 'where' they have moved the text to!!!!!!!!!! :o So a new forum would be of great value to me amongst many others i expect!


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Hi all,


I have just been asked to take on pre school manager (on site of the school i work in), as the pre school could not find a suitable candidate to take on this role. I was put forward by my head to apply for the job, which i was given. But have just found out the previous manager hasnt completed or attmepted the SEF file, i have no idea where to start! Would really appreciate lots of help! xx

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I'd suggest you get hold of a copy of the Guidance for completing the SEF this will tell you whats needed. I circulated it amongst the staff at my setting and then collated it as it is meant to be the views of everyone. Ive uploaded it for you.


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I am writing my SEF. This is the first time for me. I have tried to ease the pain by doing it a little at a time.


In the guidance that I have there is some guidance in section 4 that I was wondering if any of you could help with.


The section is outcomes for children. Enjoy & Achieve. The guidance suggests considering "whether the progress of particular groups (or individuals) is consistently better than or lower than others"


I read this as about looking at progress on gender, ethnicity or maybe even SEN. I am sure I could think of more groups if I put my mind to it. However my point is that as I look at children as individuals, I do not collect data on how "groups" are progressing. Am I wrong or should I be collecting this type of data and if I am, how do I go about it?

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Ofsted do expect as part of your data analysis that you do look at the achievement of different groups. This enables you to target early assessment/intervention on any child who falls into a category likely to under achieve. For example at our setting we know that if a child is summer born and have English as an additional language they are more likely to do less well on the profile scores. Consequently we target those children for initial assessments first to establish if they are lacking in confidence/skills etc. Sometimes although an individual meets those criteria they are actually perfectly competant but others benefit from getting prompt addtional support at an early stage. Of course it always comes back to the individual but looking at how your groups are doing gives a different perspective.

If you look at results by gender and say over 3 years boys achieve less well in certain areas then you need to think if you need to change your practice to address this.

That is the level of analysis Ofsted will be looking for.

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