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I've Lost A Reference!

Upsy Daisy

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I've been writing an essay and just gone to sort out the Harvard references (nightmare starts).


I have one quote which is;


playing games “can encourage successful learning and increase self esteem” (Briggs and Davis, pg 99).


I can't remember where I got this from. I've checked all my books and downloaded documents, looked on Amazon and Google and poured through my tutorial notes - nothing.


Does anyone recognise the names? Or, failing that, does anyone have another quote I can use which says the same thing? I'm getting very pushed for time and beginning to panic a bit :o

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Dorothy Briggs wrote Your Child's Life: a Guide to his self-esteem (Doubleday 1970)


Does that ring any bells? If you Google her name it comes up with 7 other titles - perhaps 1 will "jump out" at you.


Good Luck!



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I went onto google scholar then google books, put in Briggs and Davis and this was the first optin. It is maths you're doing isn't it?


there also a 2008 version at anglia library but i can't look inside because it isn't an e-book.

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That's the one, sam2368! I can't find it because I had to give it back to the library. It all makes sense now.


I don't know why I couldn't find it on Google. Perhaps I typed it in wrong :o


Thank you all so much.


I just LOVE this forum!


I can finish it off now xD

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