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5 Currant Buns


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This is my first post !!


I have searched the internet but I can't find sheet music to 5 currant buns. Was wondering if anyone could help?

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I am afraid I don't have it or know where to get it from. I could hum it though!! xD:(


Not much help, sorry. Wanted to say welcome to the forum though!!!! :o



Thanks, might have to do that if i can't find it !

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but I thought it went like this


hum hum hum hum hum hum hum hummmmmmm



but maybe this will help with a tune... I know 2 different ones so have found both , sorry cannot find any sheet music but it is an easy tune ..



5 currant buns... version 1



There is another version but not found it...


That's what comes from working in different areas of the country with different people... everyone seems to have a slightly different version...


Now how do the actions go ...........




Also found this site while searching which may be useful



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