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Hi all,


Have just heard of a very good tip to help when you are due a visit.


Apparently some groups visit their sef online every day if only to change a full stop or capital letter and if their access is blocked then the dreaded visit is imminent. Has anyone else heard of this? Does it work?



Scottie dog

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Well I do it fairly frequently - but I know others don't think it is a reliable method of forecasting the Visit. No doubt Daddy Day Care will share his views on the subject! :o


I think narnia mentioned it after her visit - hopefully she and other people who have been inspected will come along and let you know if it is really true!



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I check regularly and we have been told that this is the case (frozen SEFS for impending EY inspections) by our LA. but do you have to actually go in and make a change? I thought if it says 'active' against your nursery name and registration number that meant is was 'unfrozen' and assumed it would say 'inactive' if not??

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We were inspected last month and almost the first thing the Inspector said to me was "I have your SEF that was submitted in June .... I downloaded it yesterday ... Have you made any additions since yesterday or is this the most up to date version?" - so obviously my SEF couldn't have been frozen or he wouldn't have asked that question.


Hope that helps



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Ah, but what happens if you have a really vivid DREAM about Ofsted like I did last night?

Does that mean they are going to visit us soon? Please say no.


You too!!! :oxD:(


I had a vivid dream last night where I and another member of staff (who works in year 5????) had taken a group of nursery children all on sit and ride toys down a steep hill where I grew up!!! An inspector was sat at the top of the hill with a clip board observing whether I was 'safeguarding' the children.


I am CONVINCED we will get an OFSTED visit next week. I told my head this morning and he turned grey :(


Had lots of spooky events :wacko: in recent weeks so I'm having to take the dreams seriously :(

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Congratulations Saphira-lovely to have it over by Christmas and with such a good result.


My deputy decided to make a roast dinner for snack.......


LOL my teaching partner is a strict vegan so I laughed out loud thinking of her reaction if I suggested it

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Well done Saphire - what setting are you in?

My inspections due next week xD:( (although pleased to get it over with before xmas) I've had many many anxiety dreams over the last few weeks - in one I got inadequate because when I spoke Spanish to a little girl who's mum's home language is Spanish the inspector said my accent was crap, in another I left the hoover and the iron out with flex trailing over the side and got inadequate for that too :(:o

I think there is a theme here - I don't think I'd meet the Early Learning Goals for Self Confidence and Self Esteem :(

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