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This is a sensitive topic and one that has been discussed in great detail on here, if you do a search forum you will find it; sorry I'm not clever enough to do it.


I have spoken to all of my staff at staff meetings about the perils of posting negative comments about work/colleagues etc on facebook. Fortunately the worse we have had is "had a c*** day at work today", but I am conscious this could develop into more if the feeling arose. I have also advised them that it#s probablt not a good idea to be friends with parents for the very same reasons.


If you do a google search there is somewhere a copy of a facebook page of a girl berating her boss and then his reply sacking her. I thought I had it on this laptop but it must be at work. It's brilliant, I printed it off and gave one to each of my staff!

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Here's a link to one thread.


I think it depends on the nature of the comment as to what can be done about it. If the comment is about you personally then you could make a formal complaint to the owner/committee chair. If you feel the comment brings the setting's reputation into disrepute then you could make use of the whilstle blowing policy, if you have one.


This assumes that you don't have the kind of relationship with the manager that allows you to raise it with him/her directly.


Am off to google!



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Can I ask if any of you have experienced negetave comments being put on Facebook about work what action if any you have or would take?



and dare I ask....



What if it is was the Manager who had written it?



Hello, I work in a school and we have taken advice and have been STRONGLY ADVISED not even to be on Facebook at all....................................for anything.Sorry !!!

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I'm finding it incredibly useful to keep parents up to date on what's happening, in light of recent events, and for them to easily get in touch with me. Most of them seem to be on facebook. We make use of it with our own dedicated area where we can plan fundraising and activities which is great for those parents who can't manage to get to meetings.

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I'm finding it incredibly useful to keep parents up to date on what's happening

I agree - it is useful to be able to set up a private group that no-one can access without permission from the administrator (much like our fsf group). You can accept people into the group without adding them as friends, which does help keep both private and business parts of your life separate.


We have a Ranger group as as you say Cait, it is a very effective way of communicating with people quickly.



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We have a page for current parents only, like you say, many of them are on Facebook, we find more than have a valid email account?!?!?!


Anyways, when the current parent leaves, they are unlinked as a friend, thats how we keep a handle on how many people and who can post on our page.


Staff use their own personal accounts for their own personal business and moanings


If we started to get negative comments on there tho, I would not hesitate in closing it down, I take my time to keep the page up to date and would not appreciate negative comments of any kind, from staff or parents. Staff know that FB is not the correct forum to moan or air any grievancies. Hopefully our parents do too!

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Hello All,


This has been an ongoing topic in my nursery, and it has boiled down to me having to write a policy on it. Which is detailed below.


If using a social network on the Internet i.e Facebook, Bebo, or Myspace.


The nursery must not be mentioned under any circumstances.


If a parent messages you, expressing concern, then you are to refer them to the appropriate Room Leader or the Nursery Manager, to be dealt with during nursery hours. At no time should you discuss a child or the nursery on one of these websites.


Facebook, Bebo and Myspace are very personal things. By having a status your personal life is openly displayed and some parents may take this in a detrimental way, causing issues within the nursery.


Whilst we cannot forbid you from becoming friends with any parent on any of these websites, it is highly inappropriate and is formally discouraged by the nursery.


Any member of staff found discussing the nursery, mentioning other nursery staff or any child cared for by the nursery will be deemed to have breached our company policy on confidentiality and will therefore be in breach of contract.


We have a group and a fb account which is accessed by myself and no other. Staff are not members of either as they are for parents only, like Cait said it is easy to contact parents as most of them are on FB.


We have said to all our staff to take off all work details etc so they have no contaction with nursery, and to limit how many parents that they are friends with on FB.


Hope this helps

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We keep our past parents in the group. They are very supportive and like to know what's going on and continue to support our fundraising efforts. They have new ideas for fundraising that have been found to work in their children's new schools.

Of course if a parent ever left 'in bad grace' I'd probably unhook hem, but that's never happened so far (fingers crossed)

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