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  1. Logging back in

    Thank you, I have, I need an activation email which I haven't received apparently. Just eager to get logged back in and start adding children/parents/staff etc.
  2. Logging back in

    Morning I have just signed back up after a few months away being a traitor. I have received my invoice and payment has gone through ok. My PC and phone have tried to log back in with details and it says the account is not active. What do I need to do to log back in please? Would like to get things transferred back on ASAP. I haven’t had any emails from Tapestry with alternative log in or reactivation details. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Tapestry pros and cons

    Agree with most of the comments above, the parents love it, the staff find it easy to use, but the assessment section is confusing at best and doesn't really work for us, so doesn't get used unfortunately; so we are still doing paper group assessments and using Making My Children's Learning Visible, so in essence, inputting information which shouldn't be necessary, which is a shame.
  4. SENDCO on maternity leave

    Thank you everyone. Two of us did do SENCO training in 2006 and we do keep upto date with changes and new legislation, often telling our named SENDCO about changes. I agree with Mouseketeer about the cost element of training someone new. Obviously we have to pay the lady on maternity leave and pay the member of staff who is covering her maternity leave.
  5. Hi Was just wondering if anyone had encountered this problem. Our SENDCO has just told us she is pregnant and will be taking time off, approximately 8 months. She will be available for advice etc, but do we need to employ a SENDCO or train someone else in the interim to cover maternity leave? Many thanks for your help
  6. Staff Dilemma

    What a sad story. Is it not in staff contracts that holidays are to be taken in holiday time? Our staff sign to agree this and then ask permission for special events etc.
  7. Reflecting On Quality

    We completed the PLA ROQ. As a small setting, all working together in one large room and an outside area, i believe that it was a waste of time. It says it should mean no more paperwork, but it does. In the end, we stopped doing the things that it wanted us to, that we didn't agree with and we still passed. Initially we only signed up because a) it was free and b ) there was a rumor that you had to be accredited to continue to receive government funding, but I haven't heard this for a long time now. I think that it might benefit a very large setting who maybe doesn't have a very good SEF or Ofsted rating
  8. Food Hygiene Qualification

    Staff in my setting all completed the SaferFood course (as per KirstC's link above). Multiple choice and very quick and easy Print off your own certificate. I think it was £14.40 including vat if you are not a member
  9. Laptops

    Our children are aged 2 years 9 months to school and we have a computer out as a permanent resource which the children access as and when they choose. The computer came pre-loaded with age appropriate soft-ware which the children access themselves, swopping from one programme to another with no help. That said, I wouldn't leave a laptop out without direct adult supervision as this would quickly end up with a broken screen I am sure, we had a child sit on a closed laptop the other day
  10. Dedicated Facebook Page

    We have a Facebook page which is locked down to current parents only. We post photos and videos of the children on there weekly for the parents to see. We have had some lovely comments which makes up for the extra time this takes to do. As soon as a family leaves, the photos of the child are removed and the parents are removed from the friends list. We always insure that when posting photos and videos, these are for friends to see only. Our parents like this service and we have never had any complaints.
  11. Interview For Foundation Degree

    Hi I had an interview at Pen Green last year for the Foundation Degree. Two hours does seem a bit excessive. I was asked about my background and what I want to achieve from the degree, all pretty straightforward stuff. We were also asked to do a small essay. Just trying to remember back to what it was. Maybe about something that you had changed in the setting. It wasn't too daunting and there was no right or wrong way to do it. I think they were basically looking at your educational standard. Hope it goes well Dont worry, it will be fine
  12. Unfortunatley in the school which the majority of our pre-school children attend, its the first thing the teacher checks is whether or not the children can write their name and our parents expect us to do this as its what the school looks for
  13. Suncream

    We used to ask parents to apply before dropping off and we would re-apply during the sessions (3.5 hours), all with signed permission slips and the parents supplied named cream which we kept in a box. There were so many children coming in and saying that they hadnt been creamed that we had to apply cream to upwards of 20 children before allowing them outside, which was getting very long winded. And then there were the few which didnt require creaming because their parents used the 12 hour cream and they wondered why they werent included in the group creaming So seeing how effecting the 12 hour cream was, we now ask all parents to apply this before entering the setting. We have 32 children and have not had one complaint about cost, as we know this cream can be quite expensive. Thankfully the parents understand that we are just trying to keep their child safe no matter what the cost.
  14. Adult Led Activities

    Can only comment on what we do and thats one adult led inside and one adult led outside activity/experience each week and this is added do and done differently as a different member of staff has a go, taking turns every day