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I am being assessed next week for my Advanced Skills Teacher position which involves a 30 minute interview. Has anyone any idea what I may be asked. It's a little hard to prepare for an interview that I have no experience of!


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Hi Rufus,

I'm an AST, although it was a while ago (1999) I remember the assessment process very well. The interview was really based upon my application pack, my portfolio of evidence and the observation of my teaching along with the parent and child interviews that were carried out. I was asked about my role in school, how I strive to ensure that I am excellent, how I support others etc.

Its a rigorous assessment and I wish you lots of luck.

Jo :o

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I was assessed just before the half term. THe assessment day was rigourous to say the least but i'm guessing you have already had that? The interview for the position consisted of a 10 minute presentation on what I invisaged the role of the AST to be and then 20 minute interview. They asked all sorts of questions many of which I have forgotton already. Some of the ones I can remember are...


1. What do you think the current challenges facing Early Years practice at the moment?

2. What research have you carried out regarding the Early Years and how have you put it into practice?

3. Tell me about yourself?

4. How do you strive/ensure excellence?

5. What weakenesses have you identified in your own setting and how are you planning to improve these areas?

6. Why do you want to be an AST?

7. What are your five best qualities?


I can't remember the others but there were a few more!


Good luck, I know excactly how you feel. I thought I'd not got the job but then I had the phone call and it was good news.

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Thanks guys, it's tomorrow and starting to feel a bit jittery now!

Fortunately, no presentation is needed but it's a 30 minute interview on the same day as the assessment day - all in one, at least I get it over and done with. Each LA must be different.

I also find out tomorrow before she leaves too, so no stewing!

Will let you know.

Thanks for support

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  • 2 weeks later...
How did we all miss that post?

I was just wondering this myself Upsy Daisy - unless of course we saw it was in the schools Forum and didn't look! :o


Congratulations Rufus!



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The interview was great, she just wanted to know about me. How i got into teaching, what I did when i wasn't teaching. My travel experiences, books I have written, forest school plans, ideas for the future. I know it sounds weird but it was a nice interview!

She was so complimentary and said that I was one of the best teachers she has seen, certainly with one of the best understandings of early years. A born teacher. I feel so proud of myself.

Not planning to start on the job until after christmas, gotta get the nativity frenzy out of the way first!

Thanks for showing interest guys.

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