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I am new to this forum and have just registered, so please bear with me while I familiarise myself with it.


I have recently been offered the position of FSC (while working as Nursery Manager) by my headmaster, which I start at Easter.


I work in a small independent school where the new head wants to strengthen the links between the FS, KS1 & KS2. At the moment the Nursery 'functions' seperately from Reception, although the 2 rooms are relatively close together. I am keen to develop a FS unit and implement many changes.


I have been asked to write my own job description as FSC and I need some advice with this. Does anybody know of any online resources where I can find standard job description templates and information on pay scales.


I stumbled across this site by accident in my search for information and signed up straight away! I think it's a great site and look forward to communicating with you all over the next year as I start my new job.


Thank you.

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Hi Susieq and welcome! :D

Im sure you will not regret your decision to join us here! :o


There is no payscale for the role of FSC in schools, some will offer 1 or 2 management points in addition to your salary on TPS. Details of these are on Teachernet.


As for a job description, mine was rather general purpose as a Senior Teacher and was not specific to the coordinator role but others may be able to help you.

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Dear Susan


Many thanks for such a quick response! Your comments are much appreciated.


I think this a great way to get information and bounce ideas off each other. I don't feel so alone in my new venture as FSC! :o





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Hi Susieq, don't know if this will help but I went on a FS co-ordinator's meeting and we had to brainstorm the role of the FSC. It was quite clear that the job description/role was wide and varied in different schools. Some of the things we came up with were:


Managing admissions


Student placements

Leading planning/team meetings


Performance Management

Action planning

Report to governors/managers

Raising the profile of the FS


They also recommmended a new publication (which I haven't got-skint!) called 'Managing the foundation stage' published by pfp info@allowercase.fsbusiness.co.uk

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Hello everyone!


Wow! what a welcome. Thank you all for your kind messages.


Many thanks to Zim, the information you have sent is really useful, I appreciate it.


I'm off to my first FSC course tomorrow (mon). I'm looking forward to meeting people in the same boat!


You've made me feel very welcome. I'm pleased I've found somewhere to go if i need some much needed help and advice!


My family used to call me Susieq when i was little and my husband still does! Hence the nickname! It's good to see so many more Sue's/Susan's!


Bye for now


Susie :)

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Hi Susieq

Welcome! I'm helping a FS coordinator write her job description at the moment and am gathering together ideas from different FS coordinators and their job descriptions to piece one together. I will email you a copy if you want when finished. Hope to have it sorted by Wednesday at the latest! :D

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Hello again


Many thanks to you, Gemini69 and Mundia for offering to help me re: FSC job description and to everyone welcoming me to the forum, I really appreciate that.


I have sent my e-mail address to you both as a PM. Hope that's ok.


I've made headway with the job description already and the course I went on really helped. I am so grateful for the extra help though. Many thanks.


Look forward to hearing from you.


All the best


Susie :o

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Hi Susie, Michaelle and Mundia


Meeting went suprisingly well she even admitted to her mistakes - so fingers crossed. No news yet though of any follow up meeting. Roman wasn't built in a day though was it! Still trying to put FS coordinator stuff together. Thanks for PM Susie will send stuff to you before weekend hopefully. Haven't been able to get on line today so has set me back a bit. Working properly tomorrow afternoon after 6 months maternity leave. Covering the nurture room in my old school so should be lots of fun! Papier mache I believe!!! :o

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