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A member of my team is doing her level 3, she has just emailed me to ask if I know what a

filled triangel either black or purple with two jagged white lines running through it means, she said that underneath it very faintly it says bsi, I have spent an hour googling but cant find anything similar, does anyone know what it might mean.


Claire x

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Hi Brenda, its health and safety, this is the email she sent to me



Doing some course work and have got really stuck on a meaning of a symbol. I have googled, but cannot find anything like it. I have also found sites with people referring to the same symbol, saying that they can not find it and no one else has heard of it.


Thought you may have seen or heard of it.


It is a black or purple filled triangle with two jagged white lines running through it. It then says under it what looks like BSI Safety Mark.


When I look up BSI Mark it shows a totally different symbol.


HELP!!!! I would be grateful of any suggestions

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Can't add anyting to help, but have laughed out loud at the last two posts and am now desperate to find out what on earth this sign could be....


danger....stick man ahead

danger.....one footed stick man ahead?


PLEASE put me out of my misery!!!!!

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