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Well we've only been open 5 weeks but along came the nice lady.


It went really well but it feels so unfair that you will get that judgement which sticks with you for 3 years and no allowance is made for the fact that you only have 5 week's worth of evidence/plans/developments to show.


I'm not sure if I can enlighten you on hot topics. How good the setting is at self-evaluating was certainly big but does not have to be done through the SEF. She stressed that the SEF is only mandatory for schools. She wanted to see how next steps feed your weekly plans and wasn't too fussed about tick lists and highlighting the EYFS statements.


She had an unhealthy interest in infectious diseases and thought the prospectus should include a synopsis of our sickness policy, complaints proceedure and child protection policy.


Very keen to see opportunities for them to gain independence and liked the free play with tyres, cardboard boxes, planks of wood etc.


Now, is 4.20pm too early for a glass of wine?

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I hope your visit went well and it does seem unfair that you are given an inspection so early, but they have to do so, however these first inspections could be catagorised differently and the findings used as a base for the future.


Each time there is an inspection the criteria changes, I expect we are being prepared for swine flu or something similar. The last one we had an unhealthy interest in urine. Seemed to see it on every inspection she did locally. These included two play school s, a nursery and a childminder. When asked to elaborate on her "findings " said it had obviously disappeared - evaporated , but she knew it was urine, because she had tested it????? Do they carry a kit? As she was dressed from head to foot in a long, black, shapeless outfit it could have been secreted anywhere. :o

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Hi Edlee


We are also a new setting, I hope you don't mind me asking but when did your Ofsted registration go through. When we had our registration visit the inspector said the first visit is about 6 months from registration so we are hoping to get to about December/January as our registration was July.

Glad it seemed to all go ok for you, any advice welcome!!



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Hi Kristina,


We registered in may so it has been 5 months since then but only 5 weeks since opening.

I too hoped to have at least until after half-term. but hey ho.....

We can relax now.

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