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Had this from our CDO yesterday, and thought it might be useful for those due to be inspected:



Please can you be aware that ofsted are taking no prisoners and dishing out inadequate. please can you consider your vulnerable groups particularly and make sure they have cp in place. This will mean that they need to get all in place should ofsted arrive. Please make sure that;

1. The staff list of CRBS is in the setting and has the date the CRB was given, the number and the signature and date it was checked. Include new staff

2.Committees have been checked , particularly those in place for sometime and new committees are informed or supplied with forms to do so. Ofsted will I am sure understand if there is a new committee although a risk assessment/plan should be in place to get it done with the correct records kept as above.

3. New staff /leaders/ committees have had the right training or are booked onto it. and this is detailed somewhere where the inspector can be shown it

4. No group has gaps where possible and practical in these areas.

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Thanks for that.


I do feel a sense of 'pass the buck' going on here - even with every check you can think of people will slip through, CRB is not going to catch everyone. It does annoy me that poorly paid early years workers are being expected to cover the government's backs on this and getting blamed when the very occasional bad person slips through the net. In life there are no guarantees and only a tiny percentage of abuse situations happen outside the home (it's less than 1% by 'people in positions of trust'). Of course it makes the headlines and there's a knee jerk reaction. Of course I do appreciate it's awful for those whose children were involved.


Anyway, I have a quick question on this line. Yesterday we were talking to our EYA and she said that the LEA policy is that we should renew CRB checks for staff (I think every 3 years). This would cost us £50 per staff member and as a charity this is money we could better spend in other areas as we have a number of part time staff. Is it a requirement somewhere for us to do this? Does anyone know? Do you think we should do it despite the expense? Or wait for the ISA stuff to come through?



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The info I had on ISA a few months ago seemd to indicate that a CRB check is part of the ISA Vetting & Barring Process so presumably once that's been done you would just renew the CRB part as appropriate? Or have I misunderstood?

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Thanks Narnia. With regard to renewal of CRBs we wrote to Ofsted some time about it and got a letter back telling it was not required unless the staff member was away from the setting for some time. We ask staff to sign a declaration annually stating they have no reason to believe that their original CRB clearance would be changed. As it would cost us so much money we argued with the LA about it and they backed down on their demands.

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maybe OFSTED would like to povide the training for committee members saferguarding....... booked 3 of my new committee members on our surestart training .......now been advised its been cancelled due to lack of interest ! but to be honest all my committee are welcomed in as parents without the need for CRB checks (yet!) but other than covering ourselves by being able to say yes they're done what does it really mean ?

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