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just sat down to read my post. Nice book from ofsted are you ready for your inspection (updated version). Just when I thought I was nearly at the top of the mountain of paperwork I slide back down again. Ofsted have changed the sef a new improved shorter version and easier to fill out online apparently. I spent hours at Easter fill that ******* thing out and now they change it. I does say you do not need to change it now. thats fine but at some point it will need doing.


i am so fed up with paperwork. spent all day again doing stuff.


anyone else had the same

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Hi buttercup - are you in a pre-school? My SEF is finished, but...... only in rough format, the rest of the staff must see it before I commit to Ofsted. He he, just want to make sure they recognise the pre-school I am describing!!


I have been doing paperwork throughout the hols, but not concentrating too much on it each day, so it feels like I have never stopped! This is my final whole week of the holidays, so it is pretty much done. How come everyone says "do this, it will reduce your paperwork" -- it never does.

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they are changing it in September, check out OFSTED news



I thought that was just for schools :o Off to check my emails but I don't think I have a new 'Ofsted news'


Goodness me - I'm back - it does say that in the July Ofsted News - have you had a more recent email or letter?

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I just begun ours today, on the word version, be a while before I can submit it, I don't even start until we go back in september! But good to know i can partially submit bits, as Ofsted is due by end of October, so will definitly get what I have got down asap once I get back and get someone to get me the access to online...which will probably take forever as Ofsted won't know who I am and blah blah blah!!


I only got the first two sections done anyway


THanks for letting us know xxxx

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Hi everyone - first post so I hope it works!!!

I've just re-done our SEF - finished last night - and the online format is still the original version, so I don't think there's a new one available yet.

I had no idea they were changing it - thanks for that info, I've read the article now and it kinda seems that it won't change that much - only things like layout and the leadership judgement thingy. So I'm hoping I can just submit my hours of work and the next update will be on the new form.

fingers crossed anyway??!!

Does anyone know any diffrent?

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