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I just thought I would pick your brains if you don't mind! :(


I am about to start my research proposal project :o I have made my choice from a given list of four and am going to tackle

'Disabled children and transition'


With such a broad title the possibilites are endless really in terms of 'which disability' and 'which transition'


My head is spinning with ideas just wonder what you would decide to focus on in terms of the disability and the transition.


Answers on a postcard please............ :(


<edited because I forgot to say please!! xD >

Edited by Geraldine
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Are they using an outdated term like disabled children on purpose?


Perhaps you should focus on the sorts of transition situations in which children with additional needs are disabled.


Sorry if that sounds a bit flippant but I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about labelling children as disabled.


With so many different transitions to choose from I would look for something a bit different like perhaps the change between being one of many children with additional needs in a specialised setting and being the one with 'special' needs in a mainstream setting. Many children go through this transition several times a week.


As for the disability - what interests you? What do you already have experience of? Could that be a good starting point?

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I agree with Upsy Daisy. I had huge troubles writing my research project on my FD, purely because the area I thought I was interested in, proved to be quite boring (in my opinion) once I actually got going on it. This time round, I have decided on my area already because I am very much interested in it, so would think about the types of disability that would have you raring to get reading.


I am also in agreement about the label. When I started my level 3 the first time (about 8 years ago) the tutor got really upset when someone was talking about a "disabled child." She insisted we used the term "children with disabilities and particular needs." It's just one of the many things that she said that stuck in my mind (that, and that using black ink was far more professional than using blue - I still struggle to write in blue pen :o )

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Hi Geraldine.

It think Id be inclined to go for something that you've had some experience of, maybe something that has really frustrated at times or that you really want to improve in terms of their practice.

If it were me Id probably look at transition into school as this probably causes the most headaches. You could look at the set up in your LA, multi agency working, attitudes of schools/preschools in terms of preparation; worries of parents; IAPs, the list is endless really.


Good luck with your decisions, Im sure there are loads of people to help you whatever you decide

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I found it easier to hyphen the word, so it became dis-abled, it made me think of it in a different way. Somehow it detaches the disability element and strengthens the 'able' part. Are you going to look at societal models of disability?

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Many thanks for your replies. I have a HUGE problem with labelling and think I have said in another thread that I always put the child first. I would normally talk about 'children with disabilites' and never 'disabled children' but I was (unfortunately!) using a quote from the course material when I gave the project title.


I think it has to be the transition from preschool to primary school as it's a 'big one' and hopefully lots of sources I can find for the literature review. I am leaning towards 'autism' BUT the autistic spectrum is huge and i have little or no experience of working with children with autism - but then again as it is an area of interest I could use it in my project with a rationale of 'deepening my understanding'.


Lots of thoughts milling around and thank you for your thoughts I am really grateful. I am whizzing off to Italy tomorrow for a few days break and hope I wiill come home having had a 'lightbulb moment' :o

Behave yourselve whilst I am away xD

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