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I have recently took over the running of a playgroup within a homeless family unit - due to us being open for 2 hours a day, we are not required to be registered with Ofsted. (And also due to it being on residential premises.)


However, I am hoping to start running it more like a nursery, in the sense that we will have updated policies and start to work from the EYFS. I have found some outdated policies from a previous leader, but have never done anything like this before.


I was wondering if someone could help explain the sort of policies I would need, and also any other documentation that I should have?





Kim x

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Welcome Kim


What an interesting job - would love to hear more about it.


I would recommend that you buy a copy of the Pre-school Learning Alliance's policy documents - you can download them from the web and customise them to your own requirements. Click here to have a look at pricing details etc.


As for which policies you need, I'd check out the EYFS Statutory Framework document and go through and highlight the policies you absolutely must have, and start with those.



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Yep I think HappyMaz has covered it for you, would add that there is lots of ideas on forms, planning etc on here to help you out. Good luck sounds fun.

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Hello Kim


Yes the PSLA policies tie in well with EYFS.


Good luck-sounds like a dream job.


This is my first time on the forum too. :o




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