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Children's 'uniforms'


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Hi all,


I know I have seen this before, and used a provider when I ran a pre-school, but my setting would like to offer 'mini' versions of staff t-shirts for Pre-school Room.


Can anyone point me towards someone who will provide these - I have been googling all evening and got a big fat zero - (is my brain melting in this heat??). I SERIOUSLY need to get back to OU work, so please forgive me asking!!



Sue xx

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last year one of our nursery children designed a logo and we ahd it printed on polo shirts in the colours of our family groups- they look lovely and the child who did the original was as pleased as punch. Will try to find the name of our supplier as it is the same as the school ones

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we buy ours from this company.........very good quality, reasonable prices and quick to deliver:


1 Gastons Road



SN14 0ET Specialist sportswear



Previously known as Sarah-Janes-Sewing.


Web: www.sportzform.co.uk


Tel: 01249 653109

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We get ours from Tots to Teams 0191 271 5454 who are a very helpful company we've been with for 18 years. sweatshirts are £6.50 and polo shirts about the same, t shirts are only about 3.95 (that was printed - the sweats and polos are embroidered)

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