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for those of you that work in full day care - whats the best way to offer hours to parents???



i was wondering if:


8-9 breakfast club

9-12 funded session

12-1 lunch club

1-4 funded session

4-6 play day (or a better name if you can think of one?)



would this work with the 15 hour free entitalment, is there a better solution???




xxxx :o

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In our setting we have three main types: Full Day - 8 - 6; Morning 8 -1; Afternoon 1 -6. FD obviously includes snacks, lunch and tea. The two half days include snacks and either lunch or tea.

Additionally there is before school, 8 till they are taken to school and after school, 3.30-6 (includes tea). Some children we collect from school morning nursery at 11.30(ish) until whenever they are collected, receiving meals as required - this is priced on application. Some are cared for all morning then dropped off at school nursery after lunch. The funding is usually applied to a core period during these times (with the approval of LEA). Grant only children do 9-12.30 or 12.30 - 3.30.

Additionally, an extra half hour can be booked (at a price) at the beginning and/or end of the day, extending the potential full day to 7.30 - 6.30.


Flexible is our middle name!


Any help?



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