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we get each parent to sign a letter consenting to photographs it says that these are only used within the group and for childrens special books etc and group photographs taken at end of year.

cant find copy of letter but will look later

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we have one as part of our registration form which was in the resources but seems to have been 'lost' in the reorganisation of the area.. it was an up to date one for EYFS..


anyway in it we had


who would take photos


how they would be taken..eg pre-school camera only

who would have access to them and process them

where and how they would be stored ie pre-school pc, or whose, cd, memory stick or how?

how long for eg 1 year after child leaves

what they would be used for files, display, evidence for Ofsted and accreditation file.

used in other children files when groups of children

additional permission for use on photo cd at tend of year for parents... which was an extra permission we asked for .. we sold them for funds..


no personal cameras or phone would be used except preschool phone.. and managers phone in exceptional circumstances if appropriate... ( dead pre-school one!! no one charged it!!)


and I think there was more but cannot remember of hand..



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We have a consent form that we do when they join, it ask for permission to use photographs for pubilicity etc as we are a charity as well as for use in the setting - profiles and displays etc. Its very basic.

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We have a consent form for the taking of, use of and storage of both photo and video images. We dont have a photographic policy and to be honest as you need parental consent for taking and using photos then I dont really see the point in a policy.

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Hope this is useful to you, its a pretty much copy of the use of imagery policy that our local primary school has. I have also included the letter/permission slip which we sent out to parents with the policy. Zoe.


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