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While doing my latest Uni assignments I realised that it would be good practice to develop an IEP for my childminding setting.


I have never used one before because I only found out about this sort of thing last term.


I have looked at a few others and designed my own along with a review sheet.


I would be really grateful for some feedback - especially if I have missed out something you think is important.




Please let me know what you think.


Thanks in advance



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Those look absolutely fine! Well done!


It's really important not to have too many targets and to keep it achieveable. You've put 2 and could adapt it for more if you wanted and if the circumstances were right....

Big :) from me!

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You may find that your local INCO have their own that they prefer you to use, I know ours does and .. well lets just say we don't like it.

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I just had a think while I cleared up the kitchen and realised I was being a bit daft.... It's a different term for SENCO isn't it?


Thanks for the feedback and to Sam1985 and to SP61HJ for the examples.


Yeah, it's their new term for SENCO, it's Inclusion instead of special educational - they've gone all upmarket!

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Guest lou73

Looks pretty good to me....just remember to keep targets SMART as they used to tell me at Uni...

S - specific

M - managable

A - acheivable

R - realistic

T - time bound


Well done you

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