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How come parents don't know that they have to register their child for school and how to go about it? We have had at least 3 this year who have done nothing! They assume that it will just happen!

There seems to be a lack of information regarding the system in general. There is still confusion over the differences between a pre-school, a school nursery, a private day nursery and a reception class. We are still losing children to school nurseries even though we are in the grounds of a school! There is this idea that children 'just play' here and that school nurseries offer 'education'.

We are planning to put our own guide together because we are obviously not getting the credit we deserve and parents are not being properly informed.

Is it just us or do other pre-schools have this problem?

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Registering for schools is something we always advertise in September, out LEA send us a poster, and a couple of forms/books to put out, and ask us to put it in our newsletters. this tends to catch all the children who are with us at that time of year, when they join through the year we usually ask if they are registered yet, and if not point them in the right direction, this is usually because they have moved into the area.. since doing this we have not had any problems..


Think part of the clue is in your comment about being on school grounds...in that case parents may just assume that the children will naturally progress through the school, which could actually be an easy mistake to make, as some schools/preschools on same grounds do work this way, think you need to do a good advertising scheme for parents to make them aware tht this does not happen.


as to distinguishing between settings.. its all in a name .. and while where I worked was a preschool, all parents and children called it nursery, we did not mind really as we all offered the same. Our children usually came from siblings, word of mouth and local adverts , and recommendations via schools...


I always had very mixed feelings about a child who was moved frequently at this age, why do parents feel it is ok to move a 3 year old between 2 or 3 settings in a short space of time and not dream of doing it once they are at school.



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Hi cowcliffe and a very warm welcome to the forum.


I would echo everything that Inge has said.


I always ask just in the course of ordinary chatting 'at the door' - "have you registerd xxxxxx for school" - and we also receive posters from LEA - I wonder why you don't?



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I think the change to procedures has caught out some parents, too. Our borough identifies children whose families haven't filled out their Common Application Form and send it to the pre-school so we can hand it out - very good belt and braces measure I think. :o


Welcome to the Forum by the way!



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