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several of the parents have asked if we can organise some sessions during the 6 week break and Im keen to entertain the idea but Im not sure how it affects our registration...


we are a sessional packaway preschool held in a church hall the church have said great idea the hall is not getting used during the summer just let them know when we want to open!


we thought about just opening one or two mornings a week so that mums/carers could have a break (catch up on house work shopping and stuff) I think 6 weeks off is an awful long time to be closed and Ive been toying with the idea for a while


I also thought one morning each week open a stay and play session so the mums can catch up with each other (its not just the children who miss each other during the 6 weeks!)


any other sessional preschools open during the summer?

I suppose my first call is ofsted to check my registration allows me to be open......

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I enjoy my Summer hols. far too much to consider this myself - but great if it's something you would like to do - I'm sure parents will really appreciate it - just a couple of things that have quickly come to mind..........


Do remember to tell your insurers that you intend to open 'outside' of term-time


How will you deal with parents taking a holiday in the middle of the break - will you continue to charge as you would in term-time - you will need to know that you have enough income to make this viable.


How will you 'fend off' older siblings - or will you cater for them too - can't really see how you would be able to without lots of changes.


You have probably thought of all of the above already and didn't need me to 'stick my oar in'!!!


All the best with whatever you decide to do


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thats fine stick you oar in its kind of what I want you know how it is when you plan something someone else points out the things you may over look..... two minds are better than one and all that!


Ive had a chat to my early years advisor and she think we probably come under the 45 week rule so we should be able to open but put our plans in writing to Ofsted (need to confirm this...)


I love my holidays too and its the reason we've never dont it before but Im thinking smaller group minimum staff maybe we dont all have to work every session

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we costed it out once and when we had taken everything into consideration found financially it was a no go..

with the staff costs, minimum 2 , hall, include some cost for paint, paper etc, any food and drink, increased National insurance for the setting, as well as increased holiday pay entitlement/ costs when we worked it out we needed more children than we had asking for it.. same for a stay and play all the above costs still will need covering, perhaps not 2 staff but will someone be willing to go it alone for that? how much will you expect parents to pay if they stay.. if anything.. so where does the cost get covered?


we worked out cost per session and than how many children needed to attend to cover the cost... remembering parents will be paying in full and while they like the idea often decide when the cost is put to them they have a change of heart... several of ours did!


I know they are currently costing it again, but finding numbers of children needed each day just to cover costs is quite high.


it really needs to be self funding and not subsidised by the rest of the years income.



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We did a summer playscheme a few years ago before I took over the group - we loved it! We are registered for children up to 8 so were able to welcome back the siblings who had left us and everyone had a great time. Even though our numbers are dropping, some parents have asked if we can do it again this year, so I'm currently thinking about it.


I guess it depends which register you're on as to what Ofsted will think about it - I need to ring them and find out!



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We opened for 3 am sessions a week over 3 weeks last year but with the amount of children that attended it wasnt a viable option so dont think we will do it this year. We also had to fit it around staffs family holidays.

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