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Hi, I would just like to herar your opinions on any simple yet effective ways of traching children's progress through Development Matters in EYFS. It states in the guidance that it should not be use as a tick type list, just guidance. Also that tchildren do not need to progress through all the statements ( that make good sense!)



I work in A Childrens Centre, therefore we need to track through from 0 - 48 months plus.

We look at the statements in detail every 7 -9 weeks or so.


I thought that if we had a key type system for example: -


a smile :o - if we have looked and found that progress is generlly ok.


A simple OB.- if we have observed this development area.


P - if we have had discussions with parents alongside a simple comment around what was discussed.


S - if we needed to ask for any support. This would be backed by observations, of course.



What do you all think?


I am trying to make it as simple as possible, and really want to avoid unnecessary paperwork.


I would really appreciste your feedback. xD


Thanks Sunshine

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Sounds good to me!


Glad to see I'm not the only person constantly reviewing/updating procedures - my poor staff have been heard to mutter 'not more changes' - but I think we have to try something/review/evaluate and make changes if necessary.



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Guest LornaW

Just wondered if you had seen this document?




I have gone through the pdf and now need to follow up the e-learning to really get an idea of what it is all about!


I have tried to find the e-learning area mentioned but to no avail perhaps someone else may be able to get there. In the meantime this link takes you to a lot of info especially Leicestershire's materials.



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Guest Wolfie

Thanks very much for that link LornaW, the publication looks extremely useful. I'm in a similar position to you sunshine, also tracking children 0-48 months in a Children's Centre. We have adopted a tracking sytem based on the Development Matter statements and using guidelines very similar to the ones you describe.


I'm looking for a system to help me provide data on the progress and achievement of cohorts of children as well as individuals - in particular to begin with, the children receiving NEG funding, as they come in altogether in September and make the collecting of "cohort" information that much easier. Is anyone currently using a system that they would recommend?

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Hi all - thanks for the link. Interested to know what those of you working in children's centres do with regards to children attending groups such as stay and play. How if at all do you track thier progress- some of our children may only attend for 1 1/2 hours per week!

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