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Just wanted to know if anyone is thinking about completing their foundation degree through the open university and if so have they managed to secure funding through their early years team or are they funding the course themselves?


Some of my colleagues are attending college and have obtained funding but I decided to embark on an o.u route, which I hope meets the criteria for funding, otherwise it is going to be an expensive time.


Would love to hear others comments about this.





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I started the OU route last year and I was funded through the early years for E123 and E124, however I have decieded to continue mine through wolverhampton uni.


if you require any further info let me know!! :o

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Hi, i started foundation degree last november,with open uni, my lea (lincolnshire), is funding it for me,well they have the first year, they wont guarantee they will fund all of it, but ask your early years team about the transformation fund, this is a pot of money each council has been given to help people gain extra qualifications

hth,Gill if you need any other help just ask x

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Does anyone have a list of the modules included in the Early Years Foundation course through the Open University?

Am due to start in July, and am trying to get funding so need to provide a list of the modules to see if I can tie in any resourses we have brought with the modules.

Not sure if that makes sense ?


Many Thanks

Claire xx

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Hi, these are the modules I did, but some people do U212 Childhood I think instead of E230 and 243


E123 Working with children in the early years

E124 Supporting children's learning in the early years

E115 Personal professional development: Early years settings

E230 Ways of knowing: language mathematics and science in the early years

E243 Inclusive education : Learning from each other

E215 Extending personal professional development


Have you looked at the website for info - there's information about each course there

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Hi Kazz77


Like Cait, I have also done:

E123, E124 , E115, E230, E243 and in last part of E215. It has fitted in with my work and homelife, even tho it was quite hectic at times!!!. I received funding through OU and LEa.



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