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We have been given £1700 to spend on ICT equipment for the Pre-School! xD

We have a meeting tonight and the chair has phoned to say she would like to discuss how to spend the money so needs ideas and quotes for tonight!! :o


I've had a look by searching on Google, but can't find a supplier who seems to specialise in childrens equipment. Do anyone had any names/web address etc???


I think we are after a new computer but with touch screen/childrens keyboard software and a laptop with printer. If we have some left we would also like a digital camera for the children, has anyone tried the Fisher Price one? what are your opinions?


Many thanks

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We have got a children's digital camera - its fantastic!! £50 from ELC


WE would also love a listening centre - cd player with lots of headphones to be able to play sound lotto games as well as recording sounds outside etc

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We've just had a £10,000 grant for ict....TTS is great and the fisher price camera is a great purchase.Its very easy for the children to use and most have one at home. We also bought bee-bots,constructo-bots,remote controlled ducati motorcycles,a computer with software, an interactive white board, a light box, a dark den, answer phone machines,listening station/cd player,hoover,kitchen equipment( a blender,coffee machine etc for role play),echo bots, and builders tools to ive you some more ideas! RM computers are really good..i'm not sure of the website but i'm sure google will find it for you.

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Yes, remember that ICT isn't just about computers. It encompasses anything which works with a microchip inside. TTS is a good site for this, but don't forget places like Amazon, Argos and ELC where you may get some special offers

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has anyone tried the Fisher Price one? what are your opinions?

We've tried it and it is incredibly robust. The only criticism I can offer is that you have to unscrew the cover to get the batteries out. Great for making it childproof but irritating when you want to change the batteries in a hurry!



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I personally would not buy "childrens" digital cameras.

Just buy small normal use ones.... much better picture quality generally and they can be bought for about £40 - £50 and possibly even less.

Try Amazon.


I would recommed the digi blue cam corder.. our nursery poeple love that.


The stand alone printer and scanner is a good piece of equipment too.

It prints the pics from the cameras!


We also just got a digital voice recorder (used to be called dictaphones) great for capturing music that the children make.


Beebots are brill and a light box is great (very slimline ones available now too)



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