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For my next assignment I have got to write a discussion paper on inclusion!!!!!! (eeeek)


Although our tutor did show an couple of example, I only managed to see 1 before they were taken away.


Does anyone have any information on discussion papers, tips or advice?


I would really appreciate the info.

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I agree - 'Inclusion' is such a wide area! I've just been reading JohnSB's thread about the use of ICT, where he gave the link to download some software he is currently testing. Anyway, having footled around the rest of his site, I came across this link to Iram Siraj-Blatchford's books and recent articles. Should give you plenty to think about!



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I am meant to be writing a discussion of an interview that I carried out but instead am distracting myself on here!!

I will be linking my interview and findings to theory and reading, i might find conflicting theory and might find that my interviewee doesn't agree with my reading and or theory.

I think you might start with a definition of inclusion and take it from there, you will most likely find many different definitions and appraoches that you can discuss, can you link your own experience with it as well?

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Yes, Cait have managed to locate an index for inclusion, looks interesting reading. However did not come from the pre-school setting.


The assignment is a discussion paper on different perspectives on inclusion and associated practices, what I would really like is an example dissussion paper in anything to do with early years, so I can grasp what is required for me to do with the inclusion topic.


Maz, Thank you for the like, I'm off for a look now

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Hi Samkellylou


I am also doing the same course as you...writing a discussion paper 'Participation and inclusion' (TMA 07), I cannot even get started and it has to be posted soon. I have managed with all TMA's before but this one has got me baffled.



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I guess this is dear old E215??!!


I have just had a hunt and found my TMA 7 and it seems that this TMA relates to research carried out during the course? I mention interviews with parents and colleagues, tutor group discussion and route B discussion.


Part of my introduction says 'this discussion paper results from a meeting of practitioners where a range of perceptions of inclusion were expressed'.


I seem to remember us all being baffled by the whole 'discussion paper' idea and 'the meeting' but actually it turned out that it wasn't any more complicated than an 'ordinary' essay. Technically there was 'no meeting' but the information I gathered from my questionnaires and the forum discussions provided the 'minutes of the meeting' if you like!


In mine I used information from the questionnaires/tutor group discussion/route B discussion and the structure of mine was done with headings:.


Introduction : literally 'setting my stall out' saying what I was going to discuss

Summary of Perspectives: Wrote about different perspectives on inclusion that arose and highglighted the key elements that i was going to discuss further.

Key elements of inclusion and inclusive practice and I had sub-headings of: Labelling,Provision of resources, EAL, and working in partnership.

Developing practice in my setting



Hope this may be of some help - it got me 93% so must have been OK :o


If I can help any more/or in a better way just shout! It's just a little tricky trying to remember what the guidance said and of course I am always wary that it may have changed slightly since I did E215!

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