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How To Increase Numbers?

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We are a Foundation Stage Unit in a Primary School. Over the past few years our numbers have been reducing, through no fault of our own i.e. people moving out of the area while houses are being renovated and not moving back etc

We have been informed today that our 26 place nursery is being reduced to a 13 place nursery in September (13 AM 13 PM). Any ideas on how to attract more bums on seats please?

We are looking into offering full days (at present we only offer 5 half days), planning an open day event, posters into local shop windows and encouraging school toddler group to visit us more.


P.S. This is my first posting and the site comes strongly recommended...I have been told it is addictive!


Thank you

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Congratulations on your first post. Welcome to the Forum - i'm sure you'll cope admirably with the addiction!


I'm sorry to hear your news, we don't advertise at Preschool, it's all word of mouth and we are generally always close to capacity. Have you tried some PR by getting your local press to cover events like book day, red nose etc?

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welcome from me too, have you tried leaflet drops, or visiting local mums and tots groups to have a chat with the mums. The doctors and library is a good place to advertise also. Is it on you LA web site?

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Maybe consider having an open day with a theme. . linking it to Red Nose Day or the Big Toddle/something similar?


Have you got an advisor from the LA - see what they come up with too as they are constantly visiting other settings and will see what works for them.


I have found that eaflets and posters are better than newspaper ads pricewise and shop windows are good too (for postcard ads).


Open invitations for parents to come round at any time always helps as they can see it in full swing.


Best of luck.

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