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i work in a playgroup, children ages 2-5 years. 1st job working with children if any other ideas on transport would be greatly apprieciated, want to impress boss!



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we're doing transport at the moment...



Mrs armitage's bicycle

Thomas the tank

Little red train

Oi get off our train



down at the station

big ship sails on the alley alley o

wheels on the bus

runaway train

daisy daisy


Role play

Mechanics garage

airport departure lounge


Small world

Tuff spot - diggers and tractors

Tuff spot - boats

Trains and car tracks



Road safety - zebra crossing / bikes pedestrians etc


Focus activities

Numbers - rocket countdowns

Junk modelling making vehicles out of junk incorporating construction kit wheels / axles


That's what was going on in our setting today! (Day Nursery 0 - 5)



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Welcome to the forum Alison! :o


"Mr Gumpy's Car" and "Mr Gumpy's Boat" - both by John Burningham and nice simple storylines.

"Duck in a Truck" by Jez Alborough - lovely rhyming text.

"The Train Ride" ...sorry, can't remember who it's by but someone else will....

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