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A few to get you started.


Duck, Duck Goose.

I sent a letter to my love, and on the way I dropped it...

Fishing game (can't remeber its correct name)- give children fish names they move around the circle to high seas, low seas...

Farmers in his den

In and out the dusty bluebells

One elephant came out to play...

Keeper of the keys/ bears honey pot.

Swap places if....(you have blue eyes, wearing red...)


Hope that helps... or is a t least a start.



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hi if u send me your email via private message if thats possible i can email you some when i have time tomorrow .



If you click on a person's name by their icon you can private message on this site without worrying about people's email addresses. You can send documents etc. too

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As Lorna's not in at the moment, I'll explain. One child sits in the middle of a the circle, preferably blindfolded, although you may want to thnik about conjunctivitis spread of infection here. They have a bunch of keys - if you are playing that version - but it's hard, or a pot of some description (or whatever you want) at the side of them. At a given signal, a child will creep in from the circle to steal the keys or pot, without making a sound. The 'bear' has to point to where they hear the sound coming from and if they point exactly right, the creeping child becomes the 'bear' etc.

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Not sure about Keeper of the Keys but I know about the honeypot...


Children sit in a circle and one child sits in the middle - Mr Bear - guarding a "honeypot" of some description.


All the children say


"Isn't it funny how a bear likes honey?

Buzz, buzz, buzz, I wonder why he does?

Go to Sleep Mr Bear!"


Mr Bear lies down next to his pot and goes to sleep, then one of the children creeps up and steals the pot - as they pick it up, all the other children shout "Wake Up, Mr Bear!" and he/she jumps up and chases the thief around the circle until they get back to their space.


My children always loved that one! :o


Aha, it seems that Cait and I have posted simultaneously!

Edited by Wolfie
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thank you very much Wolfie that sounds brill. I will have to try it. thank you for telling me. Some of the ones we play are



sandy girl

mary went to tea

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A good one for observation is 'Is it me?'


Children stand in a ring and someone says, 'the person I am thinking of has .... whatever, a yellow top on' and all the children with a yellow top call back 'is it me?'. anyone without a yellow top sits down. so then the criteria is narrowed a bit, still 'thinking of' the same child, some other feature is picked out such as blue trousers, and all again either sit down or call out 'is it me?' This goes on until only one child is standing and they become the next 'spotter' and with help from a nearby adult begin to do the game again.

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