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Hi Everyone


I have decided to redo the job descriptions in my nursery, as i feel the staff are not doing there jobs to a high standard and want to include the new eyfs bits, and add things like they are to do so many observations per week, as i feel these things are not being done, or one person is doing them all!! which isnt fair to that member of staff.


So as i am going to be doing staff appaisials soon, i feel its a good way to start fresh and bring in these job descriptions.


But would love if other people had some ideas of what i can add, i want them to include everything i expect from them, so if its not being done, i can pull them up on it!!


Job Description for Deputy, Room leaders, Nursery nurse, Nursery assistants and cook/cleaner


Also i have only been at the nursery a couple of months and think the staff have got to use to an easy life (no real manager for a while, so have got lazy xD )


Thanks in advance to all the replies and ideas!!!!!!!!! :o

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Welcome to the Forum, ice


Congratulations on making your first posts - make yourself at home.


I don't think I can help much with your request because I think job descriptions are very personal to the group and the systems and procedures that the group operates by.


All I would say is take it easy in the early days and don't try and change too many things too soon! :o


From the job titles you gave I'm guessing you're in a full day care setting, and since I'm in pre-school I'm guessing our job descriptions would be very different to yours anyway!



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Hi there Ice,


just a thought, but it could be very worthwhile holding a staff meeting and issuing each staff member with a copy of their job description (as some staff may have 'mislaid' them).


That way you can also see if they are all the same - I know that when I took over some staff had their original job descripts whilst others had a more recent one from when they began so beware!


I found that holding a meeting worked well as those that do pull their weight will state what they feel should be in the document and those that don't pull their weight may be quieter - which does work in your favour as if they agree it all and you draft up the new ones quickly, they will have to pull their weight.


However, please don't burn yourself out and beware of making too many changes-maybe hold staff appraisals first and then you may get to know the nitty gritty bits that they won't say without the privacy and confidentiality of a staff appraisal.


hope that helps,



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I would say that if you have appraisals coming up it is a perfect time for your staff to think about their own job descriptions, what they think their job entails. It's an ideal opportunity for you to draft out a job description directly with each member of your team - making suggestions yourself of course as you go along, and just see what each are willing to do.

After the appraisals you could hold a staff meeting to look at the individual suggestions and see if your whole team can come up with what they feel are workable basic job descriptions.

Then discuss the additional areas of responsibility you would like them to take on, if these haven't already been covered, like someone to be responsible for H&S, someone for behaviour etc. and go from there. Then you'll have truly personal job profiles for your setting. You can add to them at subsequent staff meetings as things arise.

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