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Hi, Does anyone have an individual planning sheet they would be willing to share please?


At the moment all the children in our setting have their own scrapbooks that contain photos, "work", wow moments and also half termly we do an in depth observation that we then do a personalised plan from which we will then use for the rest of the half term. The thing is, the planning sheets we currently use were devised by the previous supervisor and everyone is struggling with filling them in, none of us have had any eyfs training apart from the "introduction to eyfs" or whatever it was called lol - this is due to lack of training spaces not laziness lol.


If I can figure out how to scan my planning sheet in and get it on here i will...... but I would really appreciate any simple forms I can get ideas fom in the meantime though please :)

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Each child has a learning journey/story file with lots of pages in about them, completed from home and Preschool.


I've attached one of the observation pages which the Key Person completes (or someone else if KP absent) We use these for contextual planning for individuals.


Does this help at all? :o


It's pretty basic - but we believe the simpler the better really - also means it's more flexible



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any chance you could add the attachment saved in an earlier version of word, not everyone can open the latest version, me being one of them.


Many thanks





Tis amended - sorry I forgot!

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