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Ofsted To Privatise Early Years Inspections

Guest lucyevans

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So rather than finding out why the inspectors are feeling demoralised and inadequate its put out to private companies?

How well did that work with the prison service and hospital cleaners?

Its bad enough now with differnent expectations from one body it will be impossible with different ones.

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PLA's thoughts on the subject




I personally was not satisfied with my Ofsted Inspection experiences in the past, so is the reaction to this news "Better the devil you know?"


I do understand the concept of market forces, cheaper tenders being chosen etc may force down quality of inspections via the private sector, but this can only be an assumption.

Is Ofsted too big? If we are considering quality, Lets look at the quality of their Inspections of Haringey LA xD



I would like Inspections to be from an organisation such as the Childrens Bureau (or has it changed it's name name) or possibly PLA or at least an organisation with children at the heart of their ethos, and who have a true understanding of the profession at 'the coal face' level.


And we all wondered What on earth could they change next? This should of happened, if at all, at the start of the EYFS. :o





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Knew it....they just cannot leave something alone for long enough ,


I had so many inspections over the last 10 years and no two were under the same format, regulations etc. something changed for every single one and each was an unknown quantity.... I was just very lucky to have the same inspector last 3 times so she could actually see improvement, change and development easier than someone who was seeing us for the first time...


(Knew I left at the right time)



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Guest lucyevans
Don't be daft LJW: I think you'll find they dug up the turf and built a road right through it. :o



Apparently this has been rolling around since last year; there were delays in training Ofsted Inspectors for inspecting under EYFS because it was thought that the privatisation might happen this summer. This is why there was a wait for all the paperwork and guidance for the SEF. Guess we'll have to wait and see....



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