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Hi all

this is my third year in nursery but I am finding it a real struggle. I have had a management thrust upon me without much option to do anything else. I never wanted management and do not relish the task although I love this age range.

I am at a stage where I can't see the wood for the trees and really need some guidance. We have had little or no trainging on the EYFS and I really feel I am struggling to know what I should be doing in terms of leading a team of 3 others with 52 part-time children. (we are a nurserya ttached to a school.

Has anyone got a kind of list (for want of a better word) of the things I should be doing?

I am on the verge of giving up as I feel on my own with it all. I work alongside some lovely ladies but 2 are T.A's and subsequently can't ask to do certain things (as they are pais peanuts anyway, although they are so helpful). 1 TA is a supply covering long term absence and the other teacher has just moved into Nursery from a higher year group so is still finding her feet.


I just need a little guidance as to what I should be doing with the EYFS----- any help I would glady appreciated before I hand in the towel and seek my dream job at Tescos!!!!!!!! :o .

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After the day I have had I think I might join you at Tescos!! :o


Sorry I am of no help, just wanted you to know that you aren't the only one feeling like that!! :(xD


Try not to feel to down, it will be Christmas soon and you get a well deserved break!! :(

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Hi apple


I'm sorry you're feeling a bit down :o


Who are you employed by and who is your line manager?


What is your job title?


Management can be very difficult at times, but also very rewarding, it seems as if you have lost your way a little!


What are the main points that you are struggling with at the moment, i hope that maybe i can help!

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Ok first off - don't panic - it's not as bad as it seems just now. I've been a nursery manager for over 12 years and although I wouldn't suggest it's a piece of cake, it's better than Tesco!


Take things one thing at a time and defer what can be put back for now - like rewriting policies etc.

I would suggest that first of all you have a look through the EYFS pack and familiarise yourself with its contents then sit down with your team and go through it to see what you are already doing - and i think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Now you have your team with you - and also familiar with the standards etc, you can have a look at other Management paperwork, and I can help you if you need it. I would suggest that you have a 'stay and chat' fortnight, when parents are encouraged to make an appointment to have a chat with you, informally, either at the start or end of their child's session and you will be able to get to know the parents well and discuss their learning and development profiles.


Take lots of photographs and mini observations during this time that you are 'in limbo' and you can refer to them later. Make notes of any child-initiated learning that you see going on and the children involved - you can delegate this easily - and any adult-led activities, and once you are familiar with the 'learning goals' you can attribute learning to each child's profile.


Does any of this help?

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Thanks for that Shiny!

Hi Lucy P I am employed by a school and my line manager is the headteacher who is very supportive but i need real on the chalkface help if you know what I mean.

I am running ragged trying to cope with the day to day running of the nursery which is quite challenging at the moment as the children's needs are so very demanding and wider than in previous years. However, I think I need to chat with someone who is in a similiarn setting e.g. school nursery and find out what their repsonsibilities are. Although I have some things in my job title it doesn't seem specific enough. I think it doesn't help when we/I have little or no training on the EYFS. I am not sure what I should be providing and in terms of planning I dont seem to have a clue what it should look like. I ahve looked on the CDrom but it can be very vague and sometimes not really suited to our parttime nursery.... ooh hec I don't even seem to be able to say what it is I find difficuly do I!!!


I suppose If there is anyone out there that is in charge of a school nursery I can give me an idea of the jobs that you do within the nursery to give me an idea if I am doing the same or what I need to be doing I would be very grateful.

The thing is I am a very experienced teacher but am feeling beaten by the system!

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Hi Apple,


I am a Reception teacher working alongside an NQT in a school nursery and I am also the FS leader. When I say I work alongside I mean we share the same class space and work as one giant class with two teachers and however many other adults are down to be with us!


Where abouts in the country are you? Do you have a network of FS teachers or advisors you can call on?


If I can help you with anything really specific then please pm me and I'll see what I can do.


Chin up, we all have days/ weeks like this but if I can do anything to help please shout- oh dinner's beeping!



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You say you've been in Nursery for 3 years, a lot of what you were doing then is relevant to EYFS.

The difference I am presuming is your leadership role. Maybe have a step back, think about what you have always looked for in a leader (when you weren't one) and aim to offer this to your staff.

A leader doesn't have all the answers, a leader is not a person who knows everything. A leader is someone who recognises the strengths in their team, who enables their team to use their strengths for the benefit of the 'overall goal' of the teams work.

The overall goal of EYFS, have a look at the principles of the EYFS, I bet you follow them already. Then have a look at the mandatory requirements. I think if you do a search within the pdf document using the search word 'mandatory' this may help.


As others have said, one step at a time. Have faith in your own skills first, decide how YOU interpret the EYFS, then ask for advice for the 'gaps' you are not sure of , remember too much advice will confuse, advice is only others interpretation. :o


Day to Day running of session seems to be quite challenging, again step back, write a list what DOES work, what do you think you could improve, start from here, ask staff for their ideas, remember you don't have to come up with the answers, you just need to lead the questions about practice/provision for the staff to consider and come up with the answers together. Now doesn't that feel better, the thought of working together with your staff and not having the pressure to sort it all out yourself. xD


Look at the daily routine first, worry about planning another day/week.


Let us know how you get on with 'looking at the daily routine' how it affects childrens sense of security, behaviour, sense of purpose, enjoyment of the environment, adult/peer interactions. Get this sorted then think about the planning and learning another day, another post. :( We will be here to listen first, main advice have confidence in what you know about children and their care and learning needs, the EYFS will, in the majority, fit to this knowledge and practice that you already have.



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Hi Apple, sorry to hear you are feeling as you say 'beaten' by the system at the moment. Yes I have been in charge of a school nursery and foundation stage and had all the worries you have. So please chat away.


Lots of good advice already, I would start with your day to day practice, what was working last year well and what has changed to make it not work so well? (is this for example a staffing worries?) Have you made dramatic changes for example?


In terms of the management stuff, for me it was a huge role because of the staff development involved, for others it might be soemthing else. But if you can sort out the day to day stuff first, it will pay dividends later on. Plus you do need management time out of class, are you getting any?

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Thankyou everyone for taking the time to reply. Peggy that is sound advice and I have looked at the EYFS website. Mundia thankyou to. It is difficult to hit the nail on the head as it seems to be a number of problems I am having... probably trying to do so much on my own. Each time i set out to do something i.t when I get my PPA another issue comes up that I ahve to deal with. We have serious issues with behaviour at the moment and we are all feeling drained of the children :o

We have altered our approach to curriculum learning as it where e.g not even touching on any of the topic stuff we do as we have recognised that many are not ready and so are simple trying to help them socialise. Without their emotional well-being catered for we wont get any further!


I suppose I just need to plod on and try and work something out,. It is frustrasting when it is part-time and we will be soon having to bring in some full-time which will create further tensions for some children! It never rains but it pours!!!

Onwards and upwards though!

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