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The door bell rang at 8.30 yesterday morning and in strolled OFSTED!!!!! 9 weeks into my first term as a nursery school owner!!


And guess what we got an OUTSTANDING - naturally I am absolutely over the moon and needed to share my good news!!!


I'm more than happy to answer anyone's questions about it all if it helps put people at ease!!


3 years at least of being Outstanding - yippee yippee!!!!!

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Just wanted to say congratulations!! :o


When you come back down from your "high", perhaps you could share with us what they looked for with regard to EYFS.

It would be really useful to know.

Maybe others recently inspected could compare their experiences.

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Well done to you


You must have been busy putting all the new documents into place.


A least you'll have a good christmas now, we are still waiting as link teacher seem o think they'll be here this term

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well done to you and your team :o


How proud you should so rightly feel, enjoy the accolade and great celebrations. :(


What a great PR announcment as well, so get phoning your local newspapers and get the message out (including the link address to your Ofsed report) to all those potential new customers. xD


As others have indicated any tips would allay many fears, was there any surprises, things you weren't expecting?






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Well done to you - I too am 9 weeks into a new term as joint owner/manager of a pre scchool. We have been told not to expect a visit til after Xmas. Can you pass on any tips or advice???




Thank you for all of your congratulations - Bluestar - I was also told that I would not get a visit until Jan/Feb time!!


I told the inspector this and she said that all newly registered providers get put on a list of settings that must be inspected within 7 months and it really is luck of the draw - so beware!!!


I hadn't completed my SEF but talked in depth about the changes I had made (and there were lots) and improvements for the future - this was fine. Huge focus on leadership and management and inclusion.

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Thank you for all of your lovely replies - we are all very proud!!


There weren't any particular surprises as I had spent hours reading other ofsted reports online so had knew what others had been picked up on - well worth the time doing!!


She rooted through by boxes files etc without me and I just left her to it. She was very up on the leadership and management and wanted to know how I looked after the staff and involved the parents including taking into account their views. She also spoke to a few of the parents.


She also went through almost every lunch box looking to see if they were both healthy and had an ice pack in them. This is something i had only put on a newsletter last week but she read that.


She tracked 2 children in the session and checked off as she witnessed them accessing the 6 learning and development areas through their play.


I explained our planning/assessment system in depth and she was pleased that we planned weekly directly from our observations - It was the first day of a new planning system which I was very honest about.


Overall - I very positive experience - particularly at the end!!! However she was totally poker faced and I genuinely didn't have alcue of the outcome until she scrolled down her laptop screen!!!

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