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Just Finished My 1st Tma


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Hello all,

Just wanted to share with you that i had just fininshed and sent off my first tma for e123.Feel really chuffed with myself,wasnt too bad once i understood what they wanted,thanks Serena for your advice.

I now feel really inspired and am actually looking forward to starting e124, needs to be sent in 2 weeks.

Can anyone tell me what happens now?

Thanks Gill

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Your tutor will look at it and grade you accordingly. She will write comments on your work and advise you where you could have improved things. She will then send your work back to you with a copy of the cover sheet CT21?

That should be within a month

Have a break for a couple of days then get on with your reading for the next block of study

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Well done Gill they get easier honest I did them both together last year!


Serena I too am trying to get my head round E115! I can't bear the course forum though there are one or two people on there who do my head in!


Good luck to you both


Yes Vicky, l know what you mean. l get totally confused after accessing it. I was feeling very pleased with myself and felt that l completed the EYCLOs, only to receive my tutorial notes. I now have to redo them :o But never mind, l am aiming for at least a bare pass

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