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Hi all - i am at last able to claim some wall space in the children's centre for a display for parents. I can't decide what to put on it now though as there is so much I feel would be useful.


Trying to choose from:-


Info about the EYFS


Learning through play


Every Child matters


Want to use some of the many pictures taken of children at stay and play sessions in the centre as the illustrations.


Any ideas? What do you think would be best?

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We have on ours:


*The EYFS poster, cut out into sections. For each section we have compiled some photos of the children which is relevant to the EYFS area ie, Positive Relationships with photos of group play, reading together, hugging each other etc....


*A picture of each member of staff and their name/role.


*Key worker colours/groups;


*a small laminated sheet with weekly correspondance to parents (ie, please bring in objects beginning with 'M' next week.......We need jumk modelling materials please!!.....Remember, no nuts in preschool!!) etc


* Also, our Long term plan, and examples of WAPs and PLODS.


Hope that helps :o



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Those are some good ideas but the board is in the part of the building which is the children's centre and is used for parent workshops, stay and plays and meetings - there is no nursery or day care facility in it so i want the emphasis to be more focused on info for parents about their children's learning etc.

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we put up pictures of children doing activities and comment on how/what they can learn form them....


. pictures of children using water, sand, etc and expected learning by playing with these..





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We have a series of displays which change termly featuring stages of development - recently we had how reading develops. Currently we have how writing develops, with examples of the stages produced by our children during their play. We also have a board explaining the EYFS with lots of photos of our children to illustrate the various aspects.


Of course, there's all the usual stuff, Information sheets and other habdouts for parents, staff team, latest Ofsted, five-weekly meal rota (Day nursery), certificates of registration and Insurance....



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Thanks all - you have reassured me that what i was thinking of will be fine. I am going to do one with info about the EYfs and what it means for the children in Stay and play using photos from the sessions and the other will be more focused like you suggested Sue R starting with outdoor learning.



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i tend to provide information from:








ages and stages of development. Advise on dummies.


i also did a display on schemes

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Hi in the post I noticed Jazzy Media was mentioned and I have the application form in front of me, trying to decide if it is a good idea, has anyone any feed back on them? Do you receive free samples or is it just leaflets? Is it worth a try? Really do not know what to do at the moment!

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Hi I know the feeling! We have a CC full of leaflets!

I have just created a display on a wall in our main room geared towards parents. about the EYFS. I have written an A3 size explanation of the EYFS-how it is all about learning through play etc. I also have a little bit about the areas of learning up on an A4 sheet for those who may be a bit more interested and then I have about 30 lovely photos of children learning through play at different groups we run. With each photo I created an imaginary caption of what they might be doing/thinking such as 'Now how does this work?' and under the caption I have written the name of the area of learning such as Problem Solving.

Within the area of the display we also have the Foundation Stage Principles poster.

We did a similar thing with the ECM but it is on a Three sided display board which we can take to different places.

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