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Circle Games Ideas Anyone?


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Hi, I need a list of good old fashioned circle -type games for tomorrow, yes Saturday!!

Can anyone add to my list?

Ring a roses

Farmers in his den

Mulberry Bush

Dusty bluebells


I desparately need some more, please!! :o

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How about..........


There was a princess long ago


The hokey cokey


We are walking in a circle, you and me......


tip toeing

jumping etc etc


Farmers in his den


Round and round the village


Sue J

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Isn't it funny how a bear likes honey?

Buzz, buzz, buzz, I wonder why he does!


Children all sit in a circle, one of them in the middle - Mr Bear - guarding a "honeypot".


Children then say "Go to sleep, Mr Bear".


Mr Bear goes to sleep and an adult touches one of the children to go and steal the honey. As soon as they pick up the pot, all the children shout "Wake up, Mr Bear" and the child chases the "thief" round the outside of the circle until they get to their place again and sit down.

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Some of these I've never heard of! Is there a section in Resources for something like this so that the full lyrics/actions can be added?


Our favourite is The Grand Old Duke of York!



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:o Just remembered, one elephant came out to play, upon a spider's web one day, he thought it such enormous fun that he called for another elephant to come.

2 elephants came out to play, etc.,

Choose the number of elephants before you start and the rest of the children form the 'web'.


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The fishing game...

children in a circle... go around circle giving them a fish name... normally choice of 4.

Then you choose one type of fish and the move around the outside of the circle to instructions like high seas- stretching as high as they can, low seas- crouching as low as they can, choppy seas- jumping or hopping, change direction, and then when you call captains coming they have to go back to their place in the circle. Repeat as required.


hope that makes sense.

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