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I'm ensuring all our documentation is up to date. Could someone signpost me to the Ofsted Complaints procedure document? I've got a copy dated 2005 and need to make sure its the up to date one.


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I enquired about this recently because I'd assumed that Ofsted would have altered their documentation in line with the EYFS...it seems that they haven't yet!

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i updated my own in line with the EYFS

One question where does it tell you if complaints have been made about the Ofsted inspectors? is there a list ? does it say anything on the individual reports?

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In that case I'll just continue to use their existing one but put a post-it on it saying that 'we are awaiting an update from Ofsted in the light of the EYFS introduced in September 2008'.


What do you think!!

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Don't know why I didn't think of this before!


Just bought a new PLA complaints book which had a whole lot of stickers to put over the bit where the National Standards info went. Now there are a set of boxes to tick to show which category the complaint falls into:-


The General Welfare Requirements:-


Safeguarding and promoting children's welfare

Suitable people

Suitable premises, environment and equipment




Learning and Development Requirements:-


The Early Learning Goals

The Education Programme

The Assessment Arrangements



Does that help any?



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