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Hi! We are a committee run playgroup. Just wondered if you have co-ordinator roles for your staff and if so what?. We currently have SENCo, health and safety, risk assessment, planning, visual display to name but a few. Any other ideas. Thanks.

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Hi - i am like you I now work in a pre-school but used to be a teacher in maintream . Yes we too have co-ordinator roles which the staff have taken on. We have planning, policies , h and s , finance, resources and supplies - we created job descriptions together so we all know who does what . This was mainly because most off the staff were all level 3 qualified and wanted to take on a bit more responsibility-. As the manager I have to say since we created the job decriptions it works and mostly the jobs are done by the relevant co-ordinator. Our one member of staff who is unqualified felt a bit left out so she promoted herself to staff social co ordinator and arranges all our nights out !

I am the planning co-ord- amongst other things (for the whole group planning bit the others do their ind plans for key children ) and everyone feeds their planning needs to me and I put it into a 'neat' format at the beginning of the week and then everyone adds , scribbles , ammends as the week progresses and the original plan develops as the week goes on and the children go off at tangents from what waas originally planned!

I have to say it has taken a little time for them to get to grips with the idea that my neat plan is a 'living document' that should be written on to show the development of activities and that we are responding to the childrens interests - hope this helps!

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Behaviour management..


Language and literacy ..


health and safety/risk assessment


Inclusion / senco


child protection


we all coordinate planning which is not neat, or ordered but written on by all and filed that way.. it is a working document and we have developed a system which staff understand with shorthand and quick notes.. if no one else understands it they can ask about it.....

displays etc are too working documents and all add or remove as space is needed.. ours are all children's work, not planned or orderly but children take ownership of them.


and other things like resources and supplies , we give a list and the supplier ..finance is committee


probably more but cannot think at moment..



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We don't have co-ordinators as such although we do have SENCO and ENCO roles. All staff similarly have input into the planning and I disagree with your planning co-ordinator writing them up neatly after the event if I have read that part right. I think if they are scribbled over and changed clearly then it shows they are working documents and you can use them to prove you are planning to the children's interests, etc.


Your concern over the PSRN puzzles me though. Should your planning co-ordinator not be noticing this weakness if the rest of the team is not? Could you perhaps ask her to stop rewriting the planning and to focus on highlighting how PSRN could become stronger in the planning? perhaps retrospectively at first until she is more confident if she is not sure and then proactively.

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