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Poisonous Bulbs


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I thin safety and acknowledgement are the key here. To be honest if you never planted anything that may be vaguely poisonous, you'd all have bare gardens.


Daffodils bulbs are poisonous if eaten as are arum lillies; snowdrops; alliums; tulips etc etc. But you do have to eat them! Even apple pips contain cyanide but how many of us ate the whole apple as kids? Tomato leaves are also poisonous.


The plants to avoid contact with (wear glvoes just in case) are things like conifers; lillies; tulips (!!); and most members of the daisy family can cause skin rashes (yes even the ones we made daisy chains from). In most cases these rashes would be relatively harmless. Euphorbias are particulalry nasty to people with latexallergies.


I think if you hav done your risk assessment, taken precautions, and talked to chidlren about plants that can harm you then I think thats fine. Its really important that children learn that not all plants can be eaten, that some are dangerous etc etc.

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