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Please can anyone help me? I recently had a complaint from a parent who wanted to know why her baby wasn't doing a painting every day, what does he actually do all day etc (I wouldnt mind, but her son HATES all messy play anyway :o )

I explained that we do paint but dont necessarily 'produce'. Also explained about the EYFS and how the emphasis is on play etc etc.

I remember reading a poem about a parent asking about a child what they did today and the child realing off how busy their day was and the parent just responds with 'what, no picture?'

Ive found loads similar but not the one I'm after, any ideas anyone??

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This comes up fairly often on the forum - did a quick search (see 'search forum posts' box on top right of your screen) and this came up. (about fourth post down, I think). This thread also links to other threads so if you look further down, other people have posted links for you to follow. If this isn't quite what you were looking for why not do a search yourself and see what you can find. You'll find loads of interesting stuff you never knew you needed and I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for! :o


And welcome to the Forum - hope to hear more about you!



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What did you do at nursery today, darling?

“Well I sat at the dough table and I rolled the dough in my hands. Lucy said hers was a snake but mine, mine was a worm.

The lady talked about long ones and short ones, the fat ones and the thin ones, and mummy Sarah rolled her dough so long it went right over the end of the table.”

(And nobody said, 'What are you going to make? – a cake would be nice')


Yes but what did you do?

“I played on the climbing frame, and do you know mummy, I can climb to the very top step”

Yes but did you do anything today?

Sara and me went to the paint table. It was lovely, all gooey and slippery on our hands. We made lots of patterns with our fingers and elbows. Sarah had yellow paint and I had red and Mummy, do you know what, if you mix red paints and yellow paint it goes ORANGE! (And nobody said, 'What a mess you've made')


Yes, but what else have you done?

At milk time a big boy pushed me over and I bumped my head. The lady picked me up and loved me better and the boy even said sorry!


Yes but what else have you done?

“At milk time it was it was my turn to pour out the milk and give the apples out.”


And then did you do anything?

The lady sang a new song and I can remember it, it was about your fingers, thumbs and toes.


But, did you do anything today?

I made a lovely traily pattern in the sand and then Sara and me had a race to see who could put the sand in the sand-wheel quickest


But then did you do anything?

“At story time I was so tired so I sat on the lady’s lap and the story was about a caterpillar-and do you know mummy, that caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies!


So did you do anything today?

“We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Nicholas and counted the candles on his cake.”


But did you do anything today?

Yes, when the lady said it was time to tidy up I quickly painted you a picture cos I knew you would say,


“What did you do at nursery today?”

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THANKS everyone. I found the exact one I was looking for. And sorry Happymaz I didnt know howto search the forum, do now though so cheers for that xx :o

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