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Introduction To Child's Own Personal File


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Hi, I would really like to include a lovely introduction to our children's personal files. Does anyone have anything they could share. I was thinking on the lines of ....


'This is Janes special file. We would like to share her wonderful early development with you.... ' that sort of thing but maybe better!!

Also what other things do people include IE: photos, special occasions??




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Hi Sunshine


What a lovely idea! We don't do this at the moment in our children's special books - but I think we should! Will put my thinking cap on.


One thing we have decided to do is ask the parents to contribute photographs of all their child's special people (not least so that if someone turns up to collect we know who they are by matching the photo!). The plan is that we will then talk to the child about whoever is in the photo and the child can dictate something to write alongside.


I'm looking forward to what other people suggest!



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We have

Special times (family times photos,)

My Family (photos)

I know my colours, Child colours a a zig zag of colour and names

Nursery rhymes I know

I can make the sound of a cat, dog, monkey ect (when they know)

I love ICT photos of favourite toy, area, friends that the child has taken at nursery

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Just had a look at ours


Each child is unique and special and this Learning diary is a record of all the interesting , surprising and powerful things your child may say and do at xxxxxxxx

It shows your child is capable and curious and learns by Play, experiences, exploring, problem solving, working with other children, and the support of Adults.




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I'm going to rack my brains now to think of one for my reception children's books! The only thing that strikes me is that I'm not sure about saying that 'we' (the setting) would like to share it with 'you' (the family / friends) as following the idea of parents as partners, it's just as much 'theirs' as 'ours', if you see what I mean, especially if it includes contributions from home / other settings the child goes to. Maybe something like 'This is Jane's special file. Look at all her wonderful early development / learning!'

or 'This is Jane's special file. Look how much she has been doing and learning!' or 'Jane is unique and special. Look at her special file and see her wonderful...'.....??? maybe? I'll keep thinking!

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We put in the children's special books - their first drawing of a person, post it notes of observations, photographs of activities they take part in both indoors and outdoors. the post it notes and photographs are annotated and and reference is made to the EYFSP. We are going to include anything that the parents bring in to show what the children do at home. Evidence of the child's pencil, scissors skills can be put in too.

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