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Calling All Numeracy Coordinators!


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Hi everyone, i'm stuck!

I was an NQT last year and this year I have been made numeracy coordinator, so i'm really stressed going from a job with no responsibility to this new role where i'm analysing data and so on.


I have been asked to update the maths SEF and I have no idea what to do, I know it is a continuous evaluation but it has not been done since 2005 so it is in rather a mess. Could anyone shed some light?


Thanks all


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My goodness Rachel what a responsibility have they given you a TLR for this as this really is a management responsibility and you should not be expected to undertake such a curriculum area without some recognition.


If you are not sure then discuss this with your union.


Then you need to get in touch with your LA Maths consultant and ask them for some advice and support. I used to be a maths co-ordinator may moons ago and it is a great job but you do need support and in your second year of teaching you will need help to grow into the job.


Good luck



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Hi Rachel. I also think this is quite a tall order in your second year, unless perhpas you are in a small school where everyone doubles up on roles?


I was also maths coordinator in school for a while.


In order to see where the school is in terms of maths, you really need to ask for some non contac t time to get to grips with what the last SEF said and what had happened since. Do you have a predecessor? Obviously i time you will need to look at the school data but you just need to get to grips with what the role entails first. Also its worth findng out if your LA runs any coordinator courses or conferences so make sure you get booked on those.


It may also be good for you to take a look at the Williams Review which came out in the summer. Thers quite a chunk on leading maths teachers in primary school.


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Maz surely now you are a top notch mathematician this should be right up your street! :(:o

Ooh that was a bit below the belt! My mathematics skills are emerging, not yet consolidated. xD

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