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Ready And Worried............


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You are bound to feel nervous today, but once you get there you will be fine!! Have a great day, just think of all the new friends you will make, perhaps you could introduce some of them to this wonderful site!!


:o Good luck and enjoy your day!! xD

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OK, I am home from the first day!!!!!


Just paperwork to be done today.


As you all said, met people in similar situation..... nice folks!


All fine until we got the module "contract" given to us......................


Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh looks way heavy.


Anyway was tackling that thought, and have got home, opened emails and found that there might be a problem with my funding!

Our setting isn't on the list of settings.....................


What list I wonder??????????????


So I rang and our setting isn't on a certain list and so my application for funding will need to be discussed by the senior management team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't understand.


I am OFSTED registered and as such have a number and am classed as full day care.......... but part of my job is in school and I think that is what is causing the problem.


I could cry now I feel really let down.


Oh well. Have to fax a copy of the certificate over tomorrow and then have to wait to hear.



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Thanks both.


Feeling really down in the dumps right now!




Cheer up Scarlettangel! :o Go and buy some new stationery like Wolfie suggested and have a good sniff!! (I love the smell of new stationery & folders & pens & pencil cases and........!!)


Fingers crossed for a quick decision on your funding.

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Funnily enough I had already bought a new folder by the time I got home and read the email........


Hasn't perked me up though!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On the plus side, I have decided that if our setting for some reason does not match the criteria needed for funding maybe I can apply for a grant towards the costs?


Or talk to my boss about my future career development.

About help with the costs.


I will need this degree to continue with my job past 2015 so how can I not be eligible??????????


I gotta go do some NVQ lecturing now..............


Later all :o

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Hi scarlettangel! good luck with getting funding. Unfortunatly I work in a school and am NOT entitled to any funding for my fees as I am in the maintained sector. UGH. Hopefully the hours you work in the school are less then your other job, if so I hope it works out well. having said that I am a bit miffed at funding myself (tution fee loan) it is a great experience and I have benefited enormously! Good uck and don't give up x

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Well I am still awaiting the outcome re funding for my foundation degree!!!!!!!


Apparently the discrepancy arises as Ofsted have changed the childcare registers and our private bit of the day now will fall under school inspection.


It seems though that no one thought to wonder what would happen to private provision (that needs to be financially viable to survive) in the bigger picture here.


We are not funded by school and so this all seems a little unfair, as prior to the change in registers we would have been eligible for funding and we are offering the same now as we did then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Will keep you posted!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi scarlettangel

I went last night to start the degree and really enjoyed the evening, probably because we only registered and did some ice-breakers.

Everybody seemed as worried as I did and I think this made us all feel better,

we were given our first modules and then told not to worry as they would explain them all.

Have to write down a thought for the day, to do with aur reflective practice , am still thinking and its nearly another day xD .

Good luck with your funding, hope it all works out :o

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I think my thought for Monday when I started the course was...................... worried but excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I only met half the group but everyone seemed to feel the same and seemed nice.


I will be gutted if I can't carry on with the degree................


Was your first module going to be about play and development?

I wondered if all the courses ran the same?

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Trust me,they will ALL feel the same way that you do!! And trust me, it will be absolutely fine.........and you will enjoy the course.Make sure your hair is neat and tidy, ready for your student photograph!! :o good luckxx

Sound advice, narnia! Although when Hali and I had ours done at College they had a nasty green tinge, I remember... xD

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