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I have tried quite hard on the internet to download free (or actually buy) a font suitable for printing out for children to learn to write. I usually use comic sans for labelling drawers / pegs with the children's names, but it is frustrating that the t doesn't have a curl. I would also like to be able to print out the letters in dotted lines so that children can trace over their names. I am pretty sure this is available out there somewhere, but maybe only if you are American. Any ideas?? :o

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I use something called 'primary cheynes', which is available on our computers at school and is a simple, but cursive font. As for dots, haven't found a good one yet so if anyone else has, I would love to know too!

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We use Jolly Phonics at Pre-school and I wanted to use a font for the computer that was the same. I contacted Jolly Phonics in 2002 and was given this address


Adrian Williams Design Ltd

Buckland House

Grovehill Road





Tel: 01737 789772


email: adrian@clubtype.co.uk


I'm sure there is a website as well I'll look for it and post it later.


The font is called Sassoon Infant. There is also a dotted font (Sassoon Infant Dotted) and a Sassoon Infant Tracker - this is a font that can be coloured in.


It wasn't free, I had to pay for it. I can't remember how much it was but it has been really worth it.


Hope you find this useful.


Sue J

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You can get a handwriting page maker that produces jardotty font free. Jardotty is the Jarman font which is very similar to Sassons, although if you are writing it you form the 't' differently. 'f' also has a tail in Sassons so I use this and adapt the F, as the dots print quite lightly and this is easy to do. We were also using "Cripps" in school which is verysimiliar and joins from the beginning so I was able to put in the joins too.

www.thebigbus.com or http://www.free.thebigbus.com/free/resourc...iting/index.htm


Personally I like Sassons as it is most like the script that you are going to teach and although I have no objection to children learning to read and recognise letters in different type faces I do think for writing you should provide the nearest if not the exact model.

I managed to get Sassons free from somewhere for my home computer, but cant remember where, sorry! At school it came loaded as standard on our RM machines.

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Looking for dotted writing?


Although it's not perfect for every letter or style I have found suitable fonts on these sites.






put in The teachers parking lot as a search, it gives the option of penmanship fonts, with direction arrows, dotted lines or even worksheets.


Hope this helps someone, it took me a few months to find these sites.



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i use a font called Edward Primary, they also do it in dotted it cost me around £20 for each of them a few years ago but money well spent



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Thank you for the welcome everyone, i am the leader of a pre-school working with 2 1/2 to 4 yr old children. Its nice to be here! i'm just finding my way around so please be patient with me. Can anyone recomend any other good forums i'm hooked.


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Guest Tracey F

Handwriting for windows 2.1 is very good - it includes a cursive font with leads in and out as well as the straightforward font - it costs about £25 ...... in fact I found it - here

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