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I have made a list for parents to know who is the main person for their child(ren).


Forgive me if I ask a silly question what would be the correct name a Keyworker List or Keyperson List?


Thanks in advance.




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Guest Wolfie

I think it is actually "key" to use key person rather than key worker - if you get time to look at the book by Peter Elfer, he makes a distinction between the two terms, with a key person being far more than someone who just keeps records on a child. Very interesting reading if you do get the time....

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It is definately KEY PERSON.


It is referred to throughout the EYFS as key person.


But today when delivering my EYFS in-house training, after ensuring everyone knew it was KEY PERSON, I read this section out and low and behold:

Providers’ records

Providers must keep the following information and documentation:

name, home address and telephone number of the provider and any other person living or

employed on the premises (this requirement does not apply to childminders);

name, home address and telephone number of anyone else who will regularly be in

unsupervised contact with the children attending the early years provision;

a daily record of the names of the children looked after on the premises, their hours of

attendance and the names of the children’s key workers;

providers must display their certificate of registration and show it to parents on request;

a record of the risk assessment clearly stating when it was carried out, by whom, date of

review and any action taken following a review or incident.

Pg 40 Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage

Felt a bit of a wally!!!

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funnily enough at a staff meeting today i was talking to the staff about changing from key workers to key carers... now maybe it should be key persons ...aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh :o

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We have always used the term 'key worker' have been trying my hardest to revert to 'key person' for the past six months, but somehow it has now become 'key carer' which to be honest i prefer!


All my paperwork refers to key person, i just can't seem to use it when speaking!!!

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