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Hi. I have just started working as a tutor and one of the units requires the students to design a floor plan for their setting. Where can I look to get some examples reflecting good practice?

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Hi Ratts - welcome to the Forum and congratulations on the new job!


Community Playthings have some planning tools on their website (I'm sure there's a CD-Rom you can send for). A good place might be to look in one of the textbooks, depending upon the course you are teaching:-


Tina Bruce/Carolyn Meggitt - Child Care and Education has a good section on planning/layout of the environment with good descriptions of why areas are necessary, and factors to take into consideration


Penny Tassoni/Kate Beith - Diploma Child Care and Education has a large section about the environment generally and discusses layout briefly


I have to say that when I have taught this I tend to get the students to do all the work! They will/should have gained information about what makes a good book corner for instance, and therefore would be able to translate this knowledge into making decisions about where to put their book corner (eg not near a main thoroughfare, somewhere with good natural light etc).


I also ask learners if they have a copy of their own setting's floor plans - useful for tracking children as they move around the setting. These provide a good focus for discussion about what they would do if they had unlimited space (and money).


Hope you find what you need!



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