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Thanks mundia, my phone did itself thankfully. There hasnt been much of a fanfare about it on the TV over the last day or 2 has there? Very remiss of the BBC, I need to be kept informed of things like that. :o

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I knew, but forgot having been rather ill over the past few days and then couldn't work out what on earth Radio 4 thought it was doing putting the archers on at 9am.

Fortunately I have now recovered from amnesia which is good as I'm off to the theatre this pm and would have merrily been a whole hour late!


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oh I got caught out by my computer last night I was up late watching a movie and half an eye browsing the internet, looked at the clock on my computer it said 12.30 thought to myself "Ill go to bed in a bit" a little bit later looked at the clock and it said 2.10 I had a panic thought I had lost track of time then Hubby explained that the computor had updated the clock how stupid do I feel!!!!


As for changing the clocks I only bother with my alarm clock all the other clocks in the house stay at summer time all year round its great to get kids out the house when I want to get places early during the winter months , I tricked my kids on many occassion (hehehe the stroppy teenagers think they know everything LOL!!!)

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Thank you!!! I remmebered then forgot, was feeling peckish at noon but thought I'd wait for lunch........but considering it's actually 1pm lunch it is!!!!

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Woke at 8 am, opened one eye and saw the time. Snuggled back down under the duvet thinking I had at least another half hour of snoozing to do. xD

But no!!!! Mug of T thrust in my face by No. 2 daughter yelling, "its 9 o'clock we have to be at .........'s house at 9.30". :o Day trip with friends.

I can't remember moving as fast as I did in ages, well.......this year at least! :(

Great day out in Derbyshire, wonderfully dry with sunshine.

I shall endeavour to remember next year!!! :(:(

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I usually remember and put it forward before going to bed and ensuring that I go to bed at 9 but would be ten and a good way to catch on sleep too! but last night no I didn't my boy was on a night hike last night took him at 8 back at and got my girl to bed. then sitting down stairs looking after someones dog til 9.30, then they went, then sat and done some work blah blah blah.

Went to bed at 12.30! in fact 1.30, woke up in am about 7.30 in fact 8.30 by my daughter and then I panicked oh my god its eight thirty and my son due home at nine! thankfully he was walking home, then the rest of the day was an ABSOLUTE shambled! did some baking, but went wrong inside of cookie I had one large sheet of cookie but would come off the greaseproof paper! lots of other hiccups and worries!


So that's the first of missing the clock going forward, and certainly the last all i know is I should have stayed in bed!!

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