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Procedure For Advertising For A Cleaner


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Just a quick question.



We are advertising for a cleaner for our setting. Would you stipulate that a CRB check is necessary?


My feeling is yes even though the applicant would not usually come into contact with children, there might be the odd occasion when they did? I am Mrs Cautious though!


Also do you pay your cleaner holiday pay? Again I believe the answer is yes, isn't every employee entitled to HP?


Am checking answers for our Chair.

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CRB check - I think depends on the situation - for us no, they have not contact with the children.. the hall is cleaned after-hours - PLUS we clear our hall of any evidence of our group being there every day, and all our stuff is double locked away. I would expect them to be CRB if we were purpose built or if we left any of the children's bit's and pieces out. Holiday pay I believe they are entitled to.


We do not employ/pay our cleaner - the hall owners do.



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As louby loo says, they are entitled to holiday pay. With regard to the CRB check if they are on the premises at the same time as the children then I would definitely get a check done. If they only come in after the children have gone and you're absolutely sure they will never come into contact with the children then it is probably not worth getting one done.



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I agree, holiday pay definately applies :o


I personally, did get my cleaner CRB checked, as we don't pay for it i thought it was better to be on the safe side. xD

(there is an overlap of about 5 mins of cleaners shift start and nursery closing time)

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We give our cleaner holiday pay and we always ensure they are CRB checked just for the fact that they may come in to contact with children and the fact that our cleaner cleans at night and is sometimes left in rooms alone. Legally any worker who is employed is entitled to holiday pay

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